Vince Iozzi

Creator and director of Timbacraft Furniture Company, Vincenzo Iozzi, started his small family owned and operated business coming on thirty years ago.

Vince has been the head of his company since its inception and has been building it from the ground up since the beginning. He now has a small, talented team behind him, which he leads in projects and passes on his knowledge and traditional trade skills that he has spent many years learning and perfecting for himself.


For Vince, the satisfaction that comes with delivering one of his own individual items of furniture to his clients and seeing their appreciation for their piece comes second to none.

it is his highest goal to continue passing on his knowledge and refined skills within the furniture making industry, to the tradesmen of future generations. After having many years of experience and satisfaction working alongside fellow tradespeople and apprentices alike, sharing a common pleasure, learning and progressing together; Vince feels it is now time to see that the dying traditional trade skills are not lost to the consumers demand for affordable mass produced furniture.


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